Realtor Terry Featherston 



Tucson, AZ Dream Home

Welcome to Tucson, Arizona!


Are you dreaming of living in Tucson or relocating to your dream home?  I can help!  Tell me the specifics about the home you're looking for and your dream will become my mission!

We all know that buying a home or selling a house can be one of the most stressful experiences in your busy life.  It involves a tremendous amount of your hard earned money. It affects your style and quality of life for many years to come. Done right, it is a very complicated process.

I can help!  After dedicating my life to serving the nation for a great many years, I now dedicate my service to you.  Let my easy-going, no-pressure style of business guide you through the real estate maze from start to finish.  Using the communication skills I honed as an instructor pilot, college professor, and military commander, I will explain everything thoroughly in plain language that you will be certain to understand.  I strongly believe in a highly personal approach to business.  When you allow me to represent you in your transaction, you will receive my full-time, personal attention.  You will not be handed off to someone else.  Ask any of my past clients (or read their testimonials) just how far above and beyond your expectations I am willing to go to ensure your satisfaction!  They'll tell you why I've been recognized as a "10 Best Real Estate Agent in Arizona for Client Satisfaction" by the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals the last four years running.  Just like your favorite doctor, I strive to become the highly-trusted professional you will consult for years to come and recommend to all your friends and family.

Buying and selling real estate requires a lot of legal paperwork and the ability to skillfully negotiate.  I can help with that too!  I am an experienced international diplomat and arms control inspector.  Working under precise and technical terms in various treaties, I skillfully negotiated with the diplomatic representatives of many other nations to ensure the best interests of my client (the United States Government) were met.  Working as an Inspector General at the Pentagon, I dealt with legal issues and wrote legal documents on a daily basis.  Buying and selling real estate in Tucson, AZ requires these very same skills -- first-class communication, impeccable attention-to-detail, and implicit trustworthiness.  As my past clients will testify, you will benefit from these same qualities when you choose me to represent you.

No matter if you are relocating to Tucson, selling your Tucson Real Estate, or buying your Tucson dream home, rest assured that you will receive the same extraordinary level of service, dedication, and excellent performance that I took great pride in during my military career. Serving our country was my great passion. Work with me now and you will be the recipient of that same dedication and passion!

Let me know how I can help!               


Colonel Terry M. Featherston (Ret)